Friday, May 16, 2008

New Plantings

Well we finally planted some fruit trees on the property and we're ready for the limes, tangerines, ruby red grapefruit and rambutans to start producing!!! We purchased the trees a couple of weeks ago from a local company that specializes in growing numerous kinds of fruit trees. They only sell them to the public twice a year so we are fortunate that we caught them at the right time. We want to also plant some papaya trees, but this company does not grow them. We do have some leads on the papaya trees and we'll be planting those soon. Our property is gorgeous, but we just don't have enough fruit trees so with these recent additions we are on our way to producing homegrown fruits for guest breakfasts. Our horticulturist/friend Kathleen helped us plant the trees in the proper locations and with the correct amount of mulch and fertilizer.

We have actually taken time out our busy schedule to enjoy a day at the beach. A local told us about an secluded beach that is absolutely beautiful. It looks like something out of a movie. It was apparently spared by the 1990s lava flow and is a true gem.

Be sure to check out the "Pics" section of our website for new photos of the lava flow and such.


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